Writing class 2 # 10. Punishment

Komariah Firdaus [Jan 16, 2021 7:56:43 PM
Writing 2
Task 10Punishment at School
By KomariahI have been teaching since 2005. I think I am not a kind and patient teacher at all. I sometimes get angry with some of my students.

I remembered a day I taught a lesson at the library. I had prepared everything: my lesson plan, media, tools. I was sure they were suitable enough for teaching that day.

I asked all the students to come in to the library. I was explaining the materials when one of my students just walked around, touched the fan, the door, and other things. I was really annoyed. I called and called his name but he didn’t respond.

I got very angry and shouted at him. I said I didn’t want him in my class and wanted him to skip my class. He looked confused and talked to me in a very advanced language. I was frankly surprised. Deep down my core heart, I thought that he was touching me so much with his language.

Unfortunately, I still had my anger with me. Therefore, I tried to ignore him and continued teaching the other students. He felt embarrassed and begged me, but I didn’t want to listen.

When the class was over and I wanted to go home, I realized that I had lost one of my shoes. I walked around the library to find it. Lucky me, I got it near the trash at the corner of the library building. I thought that the boy might throw it after the lesson.

Sri Purwaningsih [Jan 20, 2021 10:42:22 AM
Task 10. “Punishment”
By Sri PurwaningsihMy daily activity is to travel by motorbike. Of course I have to obey the rules of driving and traffic. Before the pandemic mass, at the beginning of February 2019, Saturday afternoon. I rode a motorbike with the aim of visiting my parents in Parung, Bogor. Almost every week on Saturday or Sunday, my routine visits to my parents’ house.

At Saturday afternoon, I was ready with a helmet and wearing a jacket, because the distance from my house to my parents’ house was about 30 km. By saying Basmallah I left, but on the way I got to Cinangka, there was a joint raid by the special traffic police for motorbikes. I was also stopped to check the completeness of the motorbike certificate and driver’s license, everything was complete. But apparently I didn’t realize my motorcycle’s headlights weren’t turned on. A policeman finally gave me a sentence in the form of a “ticket”. My driver’s license is on hold and can be picked up according to the trial schedule stated on the ticketing certificate. I’ve never been punished like this while riding on my motorbike. But I accepted my mistake along with the ticket, then I continued on to my parents’ house.

When I got to my parents’ house, I told about the incident on the trip. Alhamdulillah, there is a solution to retrieve my driver’s license without having to attend the trial as stated on the ticket. I contacted a friend who is a police officer, then he helped me to solve the problem of my ticket penalty. Two weeks later I got my SIM back thanks to the help of my police friend and I didn’t forget to say thank you and promised not to be careless again before driving, really checking the completeness of my motorbike including always turning on the headlights, so that I wouldn’t get punished again when motorbike ride.

For all my friends who also travel by motorbike, my experience can be an important thing to pay attention to. Hopefully all of you with attention to this, will not experience punishment like me. Hopefully sharing experiences of this punishment can be useful for friends motorcyclists.

Ai Deti H
Task. 10 # Punishment

Amir, a neighbor’s son is ten years old, he likes to climb mango trees. He usually climbed the tree with a few friends. Then they took some mangoes without permission. Yep, they claim mango. They often eat mangoes on the tree. They have a peeler and a plastic bag ready for trash. What a good preparation! They don’t want to dump trash everywhere. They keep the environment clean. That is good. But fruit forecasts are a bad thing.
they were caught by their owners. The owner got angry with them. the owner punished them for cleaning the pool and backyard. Finally he never stole the mangoes anymore but still liked to climb a mango tree.



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