Writing class 2 Task #9. Buying things

Yuli R [Jan 11, 2021 10:23:13 AM

Task 9

Yesyerday I went to the market to buy trousers. I choose that one. The one with brown. “Here it is”, Said the shop keeper. Can I fit these?. Yes of course. When I fiited, the trousers are big for me, so I asked tthe shoop keeper to take M size. I was was enough for me.

Sri Purwaningsih [Jan 11, 2021 11:23:05 AM
Task 9. Buying things
By Sri Purwaningsih

Sunday, January 10, 2021, at 11 noon I went to Superindo supermarket to buy a week’s supply of milk, snacks, and fruits. When I arrived at Superindo supermarket, I had my temperature checked by the security guard at the entrance, then used a hand sanitizer then I took a troly and started to choose the product I bought.Ultra 200ml boxed milk with strawberry flavor, 6 boxes and chocolate flavor, 6 boxes. Milk flag box 1 liter chocolate flavor, 2 boxes and 1 box full cream flavor. 1 kg grapes and 5 Fuji apples. Snack I bought princless potato chips, 2 cans. Cheese popcorn, 68 gr, 4 packs. I like 120 grams of cassava chips, 2 packs. Pandan flavor pie 120 gr, 2 packs. 12 slices craft cheese, 2 packs.

After selecting all my products, I went to the cashier to pay for them.

Komariah Firdaus [Jan 9, 2021 8:41:56 PM
Writing 2
Task 9
Buying a thingA New Clock
KomariahI had a problem with my clock. I had bought it for a month, but it didn’t work well. I changed the battery, still didn’t help it work. Therefore, I went shopping in November 2020 to get the new one.

I saw a beautiful clock in a shop. It was brown woody clock. The pattern was like a boardwalk. The hands of the clock were silver like the numbers.

The salesperson said that I could get 6 months guarantee for that. He added that the clock he sold had high quality and could work up to 5 years. I was really excited to know that.

Although the cost was more expensive, I really hope that the new clock wouldn’t be like my old one. I bought and hung it on the wall. Every time I see the numbers, they reflect my wall’s color. I am so amazed.

Ai Deti H
Task.9 # Recently bought

This is my laptop blue color. my mam bought me two weeks ago becasuse i go my first in grade VIII. now i’m in grade VIII. Mam promised me to give something if i am the first . my Mam is very faithful to keep his Promise . She never breaks her promise to every one . my laptop is ASUS with 14” monitor . it has gary and blue color , my favorite as a women . i use it to do my school assignment, virtual learning and to get entertainment in my spare time

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