Writing class #2. Task 8. Vocation

Task 8
A vacationMy Vacation to Biduk – Biduk
By KomariahIt was a sunny day in April 2019. My sister was exhausted after having very busy schedule with her boss, a candidate legislator for local election. She wanted to have a holiday in Biduk – Biduk, Berau. We then decided to visit it with our family members. I asked my sister whether I could invite one of my friends to join us. I have never been to Biduk – Biduk in my life before, so I didn’t have any idea to share with my friend.My cousin’s wife actually lived in Biduk – Biduk. Her parents agreed to welcome us in the weekend. We were very excited to go. We borrowed my cousin’s car, filled the tank full fuel, and washed it before leaving Sangatta on Friday morning. Not to forget, buying snacks and drink from vendors.

My sister drove the car, not knowing the exact route for the road. My cousin’s wife became her guide that day. We have found that it was really far away. We passed through the palm tree plantation, crossed over the river using pontoon, then drove on bumpy and slippery road. It was scary. We then arrived at her parents’ house in the evening.

Biduk – biduk is an island. It is located in Berau, East Kalimantan. It has clean white sandy beach, with so many coconut trees along the coast. The people are very friendly. There are many small restaurants to eat and drink. There are some guess houses to stay too. They are affordable and comfortable enough.

Biduk – Biduk has many coasts and lake. One of them is Danau Cermin. We visited Danau Cermin by boat. Danau Cermin is a lake formed from the sea. The color is green and the depth is about seven meters deep. The guide said that the water is fresh in the surface, but salty under approximately three meters deep down the bottom of the lake. People can go swimming and snorkeling to see the beauty of the various fish. The visitors can use life jacket for their own safety.

When we were back home, my cousin’s wife said that we have to have dinner at her parents’ home. We went to hers and enjoyed so many seafood that her mom has cooked for us. It was so delicious. We hope that we can go back someday to Biduk – Biduk again.

Sri Purwaningsih [Jan 4, 2021 6:41:56 PM
Task 8. Vocation
By Sri PurwaningsihMy vocation to the Sembolo Beach, Anyer.December has arrived, at the end of every year my family and I are always on vacation and this time we take a vacation to Sembolo beach, which is located in the Anyer area, Serang-Banten. We arrived at the location Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at 9 am. We deliberately brought snacks, soft drinks and lunch from home. Arriving at the beach, we choose and rent a comfortable gajebo, then we enjoy the atmosphere of Sembolo beach in the morning while eating snacks and drinking coffee. At exactly 10 am we boarded a boat guided by two fishermen and we were taken out to sea, away from the beach. The atmosphere of the sea is calm, with a stretch of blue water and the sea breeze is very stunning. My husband, my 2 children and I really enjoyed this boat trip, the waves were swinging the boat and our hands could be involved in the sea water, from the edge of the boat. After 45 minutes of boating, we returned to the beach and continued the activity by swimming into the sea, but not too far from the beach, enjoying the waves of Sembolo beach. At 1 pm we pulled back to Gajebo to enjoy lunch with a view of the sea spread out and a gentle breeze. After lunch we continued swimming back to the waves of the sea. Happy and happy holiday atmosphere this time. We finished and packed up after we enjoyed the sunset at Sembolo beach and we returned at 7 pm from the beach. This beach will always make you yearn to visit on your next vacation. Great holiday.

Yuli R

Task 8

My vacation

Yesterday was Monday. My husband, my daughter and I go to “lembur Kula” at Pandeglang Banten province at 8 am. we arrived there at 9.30 am. After we arrived there we bought 3 tickets then we took some picture at nice spot selfie such as bamboo boat, bamboo flower, welcome to lembu Kula etc. After that we bought some meals, had lunch,did prayer and went home. We felt tiring but happy

Ai Deti H
Task.8 # Our Vacation

Every year we go to beach Pangandaran west Java. We like to go to the beach.
My favorite beach is called Batu Hiu Beach. It is very long, with soft sand
and palm trees. It is very beautiful. I like to make sandcastles and watch
the sailboats go by. Sometimes there are fishes in the
water! I saw some seagulls flew around hunting for fish. The waves there were suitable for swimming, but I didn’t swim because I couldn’t swim and only play with the water on shallow part. We also didn’t miss our opportunity here taking some pictures with the background of scenic Pangandaran beach.
Before we went home, I looked for some beautiful souvenir at the nearby shop there.



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