Writing 2 . Tugas #7. Short story 5W+1H


Ai Deti H
Task.7. Short story of 5W, 1HChristopher Brodie is this morning celebrating his gold medal success in the paralympics 100m sprint.Yesterday, in the packed stadium in Sydney, Australia, where the games have been taking place all week, Chris ran the race of his life to cross the line in the gold medal position.For any athlete a championship medal is the ultimate achievement, but for Chris it was also the culmination of years of determination and courage.The 20 year old was just 5 when he had to have his right leg amputated below the knee. The pain caused by his artificial leg was mot enough to stop the lively youngster from Motherwell running around living life to the full.When he joined the local athletics club he never dreamt that he would end up an Olympic champion.

Now, thanks to the pioneering work of sports scientists and the doctors at Glasgow’s St Thomas’ Hospital, Chris has been able to take advantage of the latest sports technology, a new prosthetic sports leg.

“The new leg is made of light weight materials and the foot section has as close to normal foot movement as an artificial leg can get,” said Ken Brown, one of the doctors who worked on the project. Chris backed up Dr. Brown’s claim when he said that the new leg allowed for fluid movement and a much less cumbersome running style.

Certainly, the benefits the artificial leg will bring to sports women and men all over the world could be seen yesterday in Sydney, when Chris Brodie showed the world what a powerful combination courage and innovation can be.

We can identify the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW in this news report.

·         Who is the main person the story is about?

·         What has happened to him?

·         Where did the event take place?

·         When did it happen?

·         Why did it happen?

·         How did it take place?

Komariah Firdaus [Jan 2, 2021 5:46:18 PM
Writing 2
Task 7
A short story of 5W + 1HA Day at the Airport
A story by KomariahI booked a ticket to Makassar in December 2018. I planned to visit it for two weeks. Unfortunately, I had to go home earlier so I reschedule my flight five days before a new year. I arrived at the airport at dawn because my flight would board at 9.After praying in the prayer room of the airport, I showed up slowly and passed through the information desk. I sat in front of the checking desk and waited for the opening. I had waited for more than two hours but still there was no officer behind the desk. What happen?

I was really confused and decided to read closely whether I had already in the exact row. I suddenly realized that it was a wrong place. I got nervous and sweaty. I quickly pushed my baggage and walked as fast as possible to the other checking desk. It was two or three minute walk. I was in a rush.

It was 8.30 and there were so many passengers waited for checking in. Still being nervous, I grabbed my ticket and stood in the row. One man next to me complained why this airplane always postpone the schedule. This was surprising, my flight would board at noon. I thanked God that I didn’t miss the plane.

While waiting at the departure lounge, I met an old lady. She asked me to sit next to her because there was no empty chair. I then sat and had a chit chat with her. I think her age is like my mum. She said that she wanted to visit her daughter in Surabaya. I was delighted to hear her story.

I saw a woman on her wheelchair in front of me when the flight officers served meal, a bunch of bread and a bottle of mineral water. I then read some notice under my chair and realized I had used seat for disability and elderly people. I felt regret and embarassed. Then I smiled to the old lady, shook her hand, and said, “Sorry, mam. I wanted to charge my phone.” I went away, charged my phone, found other seat and read my senior’s short story book. What a day!

Sri Purwaningsih [Jan 4, 2021 4:04:07 PM
Task 7. Short story of 5W, 1H.
By Sri PurwaningsihThomas Alva Edison is one of the most prolific inventors in history. He made a major contribution to the world thanks to his invention of the incandescent lamp, in addition to electric generators, sound recorders and films.
Edison died in West Orange, New Jersey, at the age of 84. As a young man, Edison received a formal education like most Americans at that time. Born in Milan, Ohio, in 1847, Edison developed serious hearing problems at an early age. However, it has provided motivation for many of his discoveries. At the age of 16, he got a job as a telegraph operator and put his mind into improving the telegraph system. In 1876, Edison moved to the laboratory and machine shop in Menlo Park. Edison’s experiments were guided by his extraordinary intuition, but he was also careful to hire assistants who provided the mathematical and technical expertise he lacked.At Menlo Park, he is still working as a telegraph operator. Edison was finally able to come up with one of his great inventions, the phonograph in 1877, while working on a way to record telephone communications. After performing a public demonstration of the phonograph, he became known as the Wizard of Menlo Park or “The Wizard of Menlo Park”. Phonograph is only one of a series of discoveries that could change life in the late 19th century. His discovery of a way to record and play back sound put his name in history. Among his important inventions was the development of the first practical incandescent light bulb in 1879. This happened because Edison felt he wanted to get out of the dark, but by using technology with materials that were more efficient and could be used by all humans easily in their lives.

Edison also pioneered film cameras and projectors in the late 1880s. In 1887, he opened the first industrial research laboratory in West Orange. The laboratory is the first in the world and employs dozens of workers to study several subjects. However, Edison’s greatest contribution to the world of modern industry came from his work in the electricity sector. He succeeded in developing a complete electrical distribution system for light and electricity, establishing New York’s first power station. Not only that, he also succeeded in finding alkaline batteries, the first electric train, and a number of other discoveries that became the foundation for the modern world of electricity. He continued working into his 80s and obtained 1,093 patents during his lifetime. Edison died at his home, in New Jersey, on October 18, 1931.

We can identify the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW in this short story about brilliant discovery.

a. Who is the main person the story is about ?

b. What has happened to him ?

c. Where did the story take place ?

d. When the first incandescent light bulb was invented ?

e. Why did it happend ?

f. How did it happend ?

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Yuli R [Jan 5, 2021 5:18:21 PM

Task 7

One day a frog left the pond of the village and hopped to a lake in a nearby forest. He went to the forest to make his new home there. When he reached there he did not see anyone around. He wanted to meet everyone and make new friends. So the frog climbed a high rock by the lake and said, “Friends, please come here. I am new here. I want to meet all of you. I have come from the village.”

Many animals heard his voice and came to the lake. The deer, the tortoise, the duck, the rabbit, the birds, the squirrel, the butterfly and the fox came there. The frog said, “Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Croaky. I am a doctor who can cure any ailment that you might be suffering from. I have medicines for all animals’ diseases. You can come to meet me anytime.”

Hearing this, the fox said, “If you can cure everyone then why haven’t you cured your lame legs? See how you keep hopping around all the time.”


1. When did the story happened? One day
2. Who left the pond of village? Frog
3. Why did the frog go to the forest? To make a new house
4. Where did the frog climb? A high rock
5. What did the frog say then? Friends, please come here. I new here. I want to meet all of you. I have come from the village
6.How many animals did come to the lake?

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