Writing class #2. Task 5. Historical Buildings or Monuments

Cecep Hidayat [Dec 12, 2020 8:28:38 PM

The Borobudur

The borobudur is an ancient buddhist temple
It is one of the seven wonders of the word and it is also the biggest buddhist monument in the world.
Where is the borobudur ?
The borobudur is stuated more or less 15 miles a way from magelang in central java
But most people especialy foreign or domestik tourists like to get tjere from yogyakarta by charterinh bua ,passanger cars,
Or motorcicle .
The borobudur temple is the biggest and the most attractive among all the temple in magelang area.
The ancient java archi

The ancient javanese architects design the borobudur temple aeound 12 years ago.
The botobudur temple is like s mall montain on the way. You can look at the beautiful carving arounh the temple.at the top the temple there is a plat area where the visitor can see the surrrounding country side .
This temple consist of several elevation , they form terraces with theirstupas carved with a lot of enchanting relief depict. This relifs depict the life ofbudha gautama and sacred
The boro buduris
Komariah Firdaus [Dec 12, 2020 7:27:12 PM
Task 5
Historical building
By: KomariahKota TuaKota Tua or Jakarta Old Town is a home for historical buildings. It is located in West Jakarta and a popular destination for domestic and international tourists.Fatahillah Square is the main attraction. There are three museums in this square: the Jakarta History Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics and the Puppet Museum.

The Jakarta History Museum
It has exhibits about the history of the capital from Dutch colonization to the Japanese occupation.
Visitors can visit an underground dungeon. Indonesian heroes, Pangeran Diponegoro and Untung Suropati were imprisoned here.

Wayang Museum
It was built by the East Indies Company (VOC). It has more than 6,500 puppets. It also hosts a puppet performance every Sunday for free.

The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics
Visitors can marvel at paintings by famous painters. It also has ceramics from various cities in Indonesia.

Cafe Batavia
It is an iconic culinary spot in Old Town. The building was used as a trading office for E. Dunlop & Co in 1884. It was later turned into Kantor Kapal Hadji in 1920. It was then changed into a restaurant in 1992. Visitors can enjoy bitterballen (a Dutch meat-based snack), pasta, etc.

Antique bikes
Tourists can see many colorful sepeda ontel (antique bikes). They are rented for Rp. 20,000 per 30 minutes.
If the tourists want to explore Jakarta Old Town, they can join a guided bicycle tour. The tour guide will bring tourists to five spots around Old Town.

Source: the Jakarta Post

Sri Purwaningsih [Dec 12, 2020 10:14:01 PM
Task 5. Historical Buildings or Monument.
By Sri Purwaningsih.Historical National Monument (MONAS)Who doesn’t know Monas, (Monumen Nasional). Monas is the hallmark of Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are in Jakarta, don’t miss visiting its historical monument, Monas which is located in central Jakarta. However, the history of Monas is not known to many people.The history of monas began, After the central government of the Republic of Indonesia returned to Jakarta after previously being domiciled in Yogyakarta in 1950, following the recognition of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia by the Dutch government in 1949, President Sukarno began planning the construction of a National Monument which was equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in the field right at in front of the Merdeka Palace. The construction of the Monas Monument aims to commemorate and preserve the struggle of the Indonesian nation during the 1945 independence revolution, in order to continue to generate inspiration and the spirit of patriotism for the next generation of the nation.

On August 17, 1954, a national committee was formed and a National Monument design competition was held in 1955. There were 51 works submitted, but only one work by Frederich Silaban met the criteria set by the committee, including describing the character of the Indonesian nation and can last for centuries.

The second contest was held in 1960 but again none of the 136 participants met the criteria. The head jury then asked Silaban to show his design to Sukarno. Sukarno, however, disliked the design and wanted the monument to be in the shape of a phallus and yoni. Silaban was then asked to design a monument with such a theme, but the design proposed by Silaban was too extraordinary so that the cost was enormous and could not be borne by the state budget, especially at that time the economic conditions were quite bad. Silaban refused to design smaller buildings and suggested construction be postponed until Indonesia’s economy improved. Sukarno then asked the architect R.M. Soedarsono to continue the design. Soedarsono included the numbers 17, 8 and 45, symbolizing 17 August 1945 starting the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, into the design of the monument. This National Memorial was then built in an area of ​​80 hectares. This monument was designed by Frederich Silaban and R. M. Soedarsono, started to be built on August 17, 1961.

Agus Helfi Rahman


I would like to talk about one of the 135 years old historical buildings in The Banten Province, namely Mercusuar Anyer (Anyer Lighthouse). Mercusuar Anyer or some call it Mercusuar Cikoneng stands at a distance of 500 meters on the shoreline. The axact location is on Pantai Anyer (Anyer Beach), Serang Regency. The building is 75,5 meters high and consists of 18 levels connected by 286 steps. I have been here several times with my wife and children. But unfortunately i have never had the opportunity to enter and rise above it. Even though those who have felt it said, standing at the top of it, the sensation of looking at Selat Sunda (The Sunda Strait), that is really a very amazing sight.

Like most lighthouse, Mercusuar Anyer is a tower-shaped building that is getting narrower and narrower upwards. At the top there are lights that are clearly visible at night. Its function is, of course, as a safety guide or navigation of ships at night.

Menara anyer building is considered to be The Zero Kilometer Point of Jalan Raya Pos which was built in 1808-1809 by order of Governor General Daeldels during the Dutch colonial era. There are several different sources that say when this building started. According ti Wikipedia source, it said to have been built in 1806, during the time of Governor General Daendels. But according to other sources, it was built in 1808 or 1809, the same, in the time of Governor General Daendels. However, if you look at accurate evidence that Daendels reigned as governoor general between 1808-1811, it can be ascertained that the Wikipedia souuce is inaccurate.

If you visit and witness this building firsthand, at the entrance of this lighthouse it is written that this building was built in 1885, that is correct. So the building which is now standing firmly is second building. The first building whose position is now the Zero Kilometer Point of Jalan Raya Pos was completely destroyed during the erption of Mount Krakatau in 1883. On the initiative of Z.M Willem III, two years later this building was reconstructed to its current location.

So the uniqueness of this building lies in its historical value which is more than a century old and is related to the Dutch colonial history at the time of the construction of the 1.000 km highway connecting the western tip of Java Island in anyer, banten to the east in Panarukan, Situbondo, East Java.

It has been a long time since Mercusuar anyer area has become one of the beautiful coastal tourist destination. For those of you who are from out of town wanting to visit this lighthouse while staying overnight, you don’t need to worry. In the area around this lighthouse building, lodging is provided at an economical price.

Compiled from various sources of internet research and direct experience.


Ai Deti H
Task 5Tugu proklamasi

Tugu proklamasi or The Independence Declarator Monument was built to commemorate the role of Soekarno and Hatta as the individuals who proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Historical events that occurred on August 17, 1945 at 10:00 AM was located on Jalan Pegangsaan Timur No. 56 (now Jalan Proklamasi No 56). Independence Declarator Monument was made based on the initiative from President Soeharto. Independence Declarator Monument consists of 17 pillars just behind the statue depicting Indonesia’s independence that was proclaimed on August 17. In addition there are the sculpture of Ir.Sukarno when he was reading the proclamation script, just opposite of the statue of Drs. Mohammad Hatta. Right in the middle is the of the text of the Indonesian Independence Declaration.
The manuscript of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence was read for the first time by President Soekarno on August 17, 1945

Yuli R

5th meeting

If you love historical places, there is an interesting tourist spot called Kaibon Palace. It is located in Kroya Village, Banten Province. It belongs to Kasemen District, actually. To be exact, it is not a palace per se. Instead, it is the ruins of Kaibon Palace. Most visitors come to the location for sightseeing and learning some history. No wonder, it was the part of Banten Lama Kingdom. Today, it becomes a good location for learning culture and history. Here is the fact. Kaibon Palace has been there since 1815. It was the home of Aisyah Queen.

The Nuance
Once you reach the location, you can see some majestic ruins. These were built beautifully and traditionally. Some parts of the structure are still in a good condition. That means the rest of them have been destroyed by age. In front of the structure, there are 5 different gates or doors. The number 5 represents the Shalah times in Islam. The gate is noticeable and it has the height about 2 meters. The most famous part of the structure is the Queen’s Room. Asiyah was Maulana Muhammad Shaifuddin’s mother. Who is Shaifuddin? He was the sultan of Banten Lama Kingdom!

Exploring Kaibon Palace
The ruins emit an old and sacred nuance. No wonder, it was built in 1815. Even though it isn’t as oldest as Surosowan Palace, it is quite valuable. The name came from “keibuan”. It means “a love of a mother”. As mentioned before, the palace was meant for the mother of Banten Lama King. Asiyah was quite lovely and friendly. Her charms were reflected well in the palace. Thus, tourists are able to explore the ruins comfortably. The big gates of this palace radiate a mysterious aura, too. No wonder, some people get thrilled when walking around this location.

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