Tugas Writing 1


Iis Sahaja:

Tasya : I’m so sorry friend, I’m coming late.
Andien : Tell me why are you coming late?
Tasya : I have an accident on the road. The tire of motorcyle was leaking.
Andien : Oh…not good to hear.
Tasya : Yes, and about 20 minutes I have to wait for it
Andien : You know Tasya, I am very worried about you. And I say Thanks God that you’re ok now.
Tasya : Yes, Andien…Thank a lot.
Uyun Siti Syarifah [Nov 15, 2020 6:38:48 AM
Task 1 written 2
A: Assalamualaikum, ma’am
In the context of my job, I will stop by briefly to see the situation of my students
B: Waalaikumsalam, oh I see … drop in, please
A: Fine, thank you ma’am
B: Sorry in advance, what time would you like to drop in? so that I can prepare everything
A: I wish, I came 1 o’clock, sorry if there is a little late cus already have some brief business that I’ve to take care of
B: Fine mom, I’ll wait at home, when you come please tell me, ma’am
A: yes ma’am, thank you
Fredi A. Malabali[Nov 14, 2020 2:05:44 PM
A: sorry I came 10 minutes late
B: why?
A: my motorbike ran out of gas, I had to pull the motorbike because the gas station was far away.
B: Its Ok, today’s meeting is delayed by an hour.
B: Its Ok, today’s meeting is delayed by an hour.
A: I think I’ll be late to come to your birthday party. The traffic is so terrible.
B: It’s OK. Can you share your location now?
A: Ok, here it is.
B: Alright, based on your position, you can come on time if the traffic is normal. But don’t worry dear, I’ll wait for your coming and have so much fun together with you and our other friends. See you.
Cecep Hidayat [Nov 15, 2020 10:16:05 AM
Student : Excuse me , Madam
Teacher : yes, please
Student : I am sorry ,Mam , I come late
Teacher : Why ?
Student : Because I got to trouble public tranporstation, myhome is far from here, it is about twenty eight kilometer fom here.
Teacher : Are you sure ?
Student : Yes , Mam , I am sure
Teacher : Ok, don’t come in this class , wait until this lesson time up.
Kia: I’m sorry Mom, i come late to your home.
Mom: Why do you come late my dear?
Kia: Because i must go to gasoline pump. My bike is empty, it is not enough to arrive to your home.
Mom: What time will you  arrive here?
Kia: Now 9 PM, i start going from my home. Maybe 10 PM I arrive there.
Mom: OK, I am waiting you my dear, take care on your trip. I love you.
Yuli R [Nov 15, 2020 10:28:01 AM
A: I think I’ll come late to come to your home. It’s traffic jam. Because there is an accident on the street.
B: It’s OK. Where are you now?
A: I am on Ahmad Yani street. I’ll send you my location now.
B: Alright, we’ll wait for you.
A. But, it will be long. It needs 30 minutes to arrive to your home
B. don’t worry dear.
A. Thanks, baby

Komariah Firdaus:

Komariah Firdaus
A: Please forgive me, I will be very late for the meeting.
B: What happen?
A: I have something to do
A: Please forgive me, I will be very late for the meeting.
B: What happen?
A: I have something to do. Urgent. Can you wait for me just a couple minutes, please?
B: Hmmm… You have made me wait for many times this week.
A: I promise you this will be the last.
B: Alright then
Emmy Rahmalia [Nov 15, 2020 10:36:13 AM
A: why do you come late Astri
B:I’m sorry Ms.Nuri..I wake up late this morning because I went to bed late last night
A:what did you do last night untill you wake up late?
B: I was doing the home work that you gave me three days ago
A: All right,,I’ll forgive you this time,don’t do the same mistake again Astri
B: Thank you Ms Nuri..I promise I will not do the same mistake again as you said
Agus Helfi Rahman [Nov 15, 2020 5:13:28 PM


Arya : I am coming there in 25 minutes. The traffic is jammed.
Lira : It’s always traffic that you excuse.
Arya. : Not my will. You know, it’s Saturday afternoon.
Lira : You must be late, every time we date.
Arya : I apologize, Honey.


Tati Nurul Hayati [Nov 16, 2020 4:31:07 PM
Task 1st
Tati Nurul Hayati
A: Sorry, I’ll be late today
B: well, ma’am I will convey
A: There are things I have to finish first for meeting materials, :cold_sweat: 15 minutes later I will arrive at the office
B: well, be careful on the road
Ai Deti H
Task 1Ani : I’m sorry Sir, I’m late doing homework that you gave me last week.Mr. Smith : Oh well, it could be better for you doing it earlier as soon after i gave you homework.Ani : Yes Sir, i willMr. Smith : It’s okay this time. Please be on time in the futureAni : Yes Sir, thank you.



Sri Purwaningsih [Nov 18, 2020 1:49:13 PM

Good afternoon Mr.Sam…i try to make task 2, please correction my work, thanks before Mr.:pray:

Task 2
Sri Purwaningsih

I am a mother with two kids. Tomorrow night i have appoinment to dinner in abuba restaurant with my family. Today, in the afternoon my first kids lovely daughter saying with me, she say sorry because she can’t join tomorrow night for dinner together. When i ask her what the reason she can’t join us, she said the other lecture change his course schedule. It mean my daughter have class in her college tomorrow night and simultaneously with our dinner time. I say to my daughter, it is ok, your class is important for your college. We can go dinner together again in the next time.


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